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Yola, My name is Morgan [you may know me as BoonChaki Puddingbomb Kaulitz] and my imaginary brother's name is Mr. Puddingbomb. He doesn't like people like you so yeah and stuff. I am random, I like juice and soda and ice cream and sushi and cake and other pastries. I have random outbursts but the funny thing is I'm and honor student and I don't have ADD or ADHD. I have an extensive use of sarcasm.

Name BoonChaki PuddingBomb
Gender Female
Location Dundee, SCT
Interests sports, school, books, basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, pandas, anime, manga, drawing, sleeping, and fooding
Music system of a down, high and mighty color, fall out boy, panic at the disco, my chemical romance, evanescence, a fire inside, tokio hotel, linkin park, slipknot, dragonforce, suicide silence, yui yoshioka, minori chihara, aya hirano, flyleaf, maximum the hormone, nightmare, flow, paramore, the seeker, rythem, coldplay, maroon 5, jungle smile, the killers, plain white t's, boys like girls, hellogoodbye, finger eleven, penicillin
Movies sweeney todd, iron man, pirate of the carribean, i am legend, nightmare before christmas, walle, hancock, edward scissorhands, anything that makes me cry
TV house md, death note, red garden, gals, maburaho, majikano, kare kano, tenisu no ojisama, fruits basket, godchild, lucky star, suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu, ouran koukou hosuto kurabu, to heart, bleach, sailor moon, fullmetal alchemist, air tv, chobits, ichigo mashimaro, avatar the last airbender, azumanga daioh, nininga shinobuden, venus vs virus, revolutionary girl utena, many more anime
Books stephen king, death note, chobits, gals, fruits basket, many other manga
Quotes "I believe people can move things with their minds. " "I pick my nose and I'm not ashamed to admit it. If there's a bogey then just pick it, man." "I used to think I actually was Batman." -Justin Timberlake


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ay yo wtf is that on your forehead

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